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Geothermal Reimagined Startup Competition Featuring Sir Richard Branson and Chris Anderson

22 July 2021 – Geothermal Startup Competition Final at Pivot 2021. Hephae Energy Technology’s presentation starts at 18:08 and the judges give their verdict at the end of the video.

Getting to Geothermal Anywhere: Closed Loop Technoeconomics

21 July 2021 – Panel Session at Pivot 2021

Innovation in Elite Sport with Willi Heinz & Growth Unlimited

22 December 2020 – how elite sport can teach us about innovation!

Innovation – Prepare to Forget Everything You Know

VDoor Locksmith, 11 December 2020 – an informal presentation and discussion on just a few of the aspects of innovation that are important to me

Steering in the Right Direction: Directional Drilling Expert John Clegg on Pushing to 300C

The Heat Beat, 4 December 2020 – how oil and gas technology can facilitate the drilling directional of geothermal wells and open up the potential of this important and plentiful source of energy

The Future of Drilling

World Petroleum Congress, 9 June 2020

The Future of Drilling

Pipeline Oil and Gas News, 16 April 2020

New Rotary Steerable System Designed to Optimize Wellbore Quality

Offshore Magazine, 1 April 2020

What Do We Want From Our Wells: Drilled Fast or Drilled Right?

Journal of Petroleum Technology, March 2020

Executive Viewpoint: In an Era of Low Oil Prices, How Do We Break Even?

World Oil, February 2020

Larger rotary steerable systems designed for offshore applications

Offshore Magazine, February 2020, pages 28-31

Chase the Right Metrics for Better Production Results

Offshore Engineer, November/December 2019, pages 52-53

Intelligent MPD features automated riser system

Offshore Magazine, November 2019

Weatherford’s Clegg says Magnus tool is proving its worth

World Oil Offshore Europe show guide, 6 September 2019, page 6

RSS Design Aimed at a Growing Scope of Directional Drilling Demands

World Oil, February 2019 pages 53-55

A New Generation

John Clegg, Weatherford International, USA, reviews the development of the latest RSS tools. Oilfield Technology magazine February 2019

Meet Weatherford’s new rotary steerable system

Pipeline Oil and Gas, November 2018