Subject Matter Expert

My board memberships in Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and my selection as Distinguished Lecturer for SPE are all testament to my recognition as a global expert in the oil and gas drilling industry, and in particular as a subject matter expert in directional drilling and in drill bits.

I have been involved with rotary steerable system design and commercialisation since the early 1990’s. I helped to create the concepts that led to Schlumberger’s PowerDrive, one of the world’s first rotary steerable systems, and managed its development from a blank sheet of paper all the way to commercial introduction; I helped to bring the new technology of rotary steerable drilling to the attention of the oil and gas industry and helped BP to drill the world’s first 10km extended reach well.  Most recently, I took Weatherford’s Magnus rotary steerable from concept to commercialisation in just 23 months – combining deep understanding of rotary steering technology with leading edge product innovation and project management techniques. My SPE paper on the subject describes the innovation process used in a little more detail.

I also have decades of experience with PDC drill bits, having worked in the 1980’s on the early bit designs that led the way for PDC bits to dominate the oil and gas drilling industry, and more recently worked as part of a small team that grew Ulterra Drilling technologies into a major player on the world stage.

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