Energy Transition

The energy industry stands at the outset of a significant transition as it has the opportunity to reinvent itself and bring the unrivalled skills that upstream oil and gas has in project management and engineering in hostile environments to bear on addressing the challenges of climate change and emissions reduction. I have a particular interest in how these capabilities can transform geothermal energy and create new unconventional geothermal wells in hot, dry rocks for clean, reliable energy absolutely anywhere. Inspired by this, I co-founded Hephae Energy Technologya new company set up to develop the high temperature drilling solutions the unconventional geothermal industry will require to scale. 

In the UK, as Chair of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Upstream Oil and Gas Committee, I helped to drive the creation of a series of webinars looking at ways the energy industry can achieve this transition, how it can continue to use its skills for the benefit of society as a whole, how it can publicise the opportunities to make meaningful change, and how it can measure progress towards a more sustainable future. For the Society of Petroleum Engineers, I led efforts to create a new Geothermal Technical Section dedicated to geothermal energy and how companies and individuals can transition from oil and gas to this clean energy source.

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