Business Development

I understand the value of innovative business models, in particular disruptive models for new market entrants into an apparently crowded space, and I have successfully enabled new entrants to thrive by such means. I understand the importance of velocity as a key source of competitive advantage, especially for new entrants. I can leverage my extensive experience to identify applications for new technology or new applications for existing technology and create a convincing value proposition as a result. 

I can uniquely act as a “translator” between customer needs and engineering solutions, ensuring that the correct solutions are delivered, that engineers truly understand customer needs and constraints, and that customers and sales organizations appreciate the input from engineering.

I have decades of experience making technical sales calls, have spearheaded entry into new markets, and have built and managed sales organizations across the world. My career has been based on technology-based value add, always based on my understanding of the value of close linkage between the technology provided by the company and the needs of the customer.

I can bring a high level of technical credibility to the sales and business development process.

Contact me if you need help with differentiating your new products and services and getting them accepted by your clients.